Ultralite range

Drawing upon all of Highfield’s vast experience in producing inflatable boats, this lightweight, single deck dinghy was created with a very simple motto in mind – ‘weight does matter’.

Here below is a list of models available in the Ultralite range. 

UL240 - UL260 - UL290 - UL310 - UL340
Most models coming into stock would be PVC tubes, but you can order Hypalon from the factory. A delivery time scale of around 4 months would apply to a special order. 

As their name suggests, the Ultralite’s weight make them a real alternative for those who may have chosen a soft bottom tender in ths past but would prefer a hard hull for it’s performance. Ultralite tenders are roomy and strong, yet light and easy to transport. These little boats can be launched and recovered by a single person and are easily transported on a roof rack.

You’ll be impressed by their high level of quality and degree of craftsmanship. The excellence of the finish only compares to the detail of the ergonomics. The simple layout is combined with an uncluttered design and numerous standard accessories complete the picture.

The Ultralites are made of 2-2.5mm thick powder coated marine grade aluminium for the hull & 1100 Dtex fabric for the inflatable tube.

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