Carbon Monoxide Warning

Harbourmaster issues Carbon Monoxide Warning
From Port of Jersey,
28 September 2017
Jersey's Harbourmaster is reminding boat owners of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide and ways in which preventative measures can be taken.
The advice comes as a result of an inquest into the death of a boat owner who died earlier this year on board his vessel berthed in St Helier Marina as a result of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
A safety bulletin has been reissued aimed at local boat owners offering practical advice and guidance, which recommends that:


  • Suitable alarms should be fitted on vessels in areas where Carbon Monoxide could accumulate, especially in accommodation areas;
  • Only alarms that meet a safety standard EN 50291-2:2010, which are intended for use in a marine environment should be fitted and regularly tested;
  • The use of canopies should be avoided as covered structures can increase the risk of discharged exhaust fumes frequently re-entering the vessel;
  • All spaces, irrespective of their size, should be well ventilated at all times.


Anyone who believes they may be suffering from the effects of Carbon Monoxide poisoning while out at sea should cut the engine immediately, attempt to stop the source of fumes, get out into the open air and contact Jersey Coastguard immediately for assistance.
The Safety Advice Bulletin can be found online

Click here to read an important safety leaflet on Carbon Monoxide poisoning
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