Highfield Ribs

The most popular RIB brand in the Channel Islands and we've been there since the beginning!

These boats have been used in our waters for leisure, for commercial RIB tours and for RYA powerboat instruction- they've proved themselves time and again in the most unforgiving applications. 

With 27,000 boats delivered globally since the brand’s beginning in 2011, Highfield Boats is now the world’s number one in the RIB tender sector and a significant global player in the 5 metre + sector.

Highfield’s hulls are dry-riding, very seaworthy and always over-built. Their reputation for durability is now world-renowned. The heavy-duty approach to design and build allows leisure and commercial owners to have the confidence needed to go that extra mile and to tackle conditions avoided by many others.


The PATROL Range

The Patrol is a commercial-quality range of RIBs designed and hand built to withstand the toughest conditions. These vessels have proved themselves in Channel Islands waters, where several Patrols have operated as commercial RIB charter and RYA teaching craft over the last 8 years! 

The hull is built in 5mm 5083 aluminium plates with 6 and 10mm stringers. With their super deep V, wide chines and large diameter tube, they offer high maneuverability, high safety and a soft dry ride even in the roughest conditions.

The Patrol boats carry large loads and plane quickly and easily with little horsepower.

When safety, toughness and reliability matter the Patrol range will be your first choice.


The SPORT Range

The Sport range has been 9 years in the making. This range of high quality boats will offer a choice from 3 metres up to 9 metres and combines all of our Hull design expertise with an interior that you demand.  Nothing has been sacrificed in the design of this range. Top quality materials are the hallmark of what we do and we have not compromised.



The Coaster range is an entry level boat from Highfield, it gives you maximum fun, for a realistic price. Perfect for fishing, bay-hopping and day trips, these boats have a deservedly stellar reputation.

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We can supply the entire Highfield Boats range. Find out more about their models on their website.